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No matter what the temperature outside in winter is, some of your neighbours aren’t doing it tough like you.

In fact, some of them even look forward to winter coming!


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Why are people in Perth switching to radiator heating (with health benefits)

"Our house used to be so cold,  I dreaded getting out of bed.  But after I slept over at a friend's house with radiators..."

Wake up (and come back) to a home warmed with European style radiators, installed in just 15 days, totally mess-free.

Europeans don't shiver inside at home during winter, wearing extra layers, and two pairs of socks. And they don't suffer from aggravated asthma, get dry eyes and skin, or experience headaches from hot air blowing on their faces.

In each room they install a radiator, to which they send (through small pipes) a bit of warm water. And this warm water gradually heats up the radiator panel. The panel then gently radiates the heat into the room (just like standing in the warm sunlight on a cold winter’s day).

What people with radiators in their homes say

"We recently had a central heating system installed by Euroheat on the recommendation of a friend who said it was the best thing that she had ever done and we can only agree with her. We are delighted with our heating system: For the first time in Perth, we’ve had a warm house without needing to use heaters in every bedroom or reverse cycle air conditioning. On a cold day it’s great to wake up in a warm house. Dealing with Phil has been simple, straight-forward and professional from the outset, from the thorough initial assessment, to the smooth 3-day installation of high quality European radiators, setting up the thermostat and prompt response to any queries." - N. Martin, Mosman Park

“Euroheat designed and installed hydronic heating into my home four winters ago. It is the best money I have ever spent. My ‘house’ has become a ’home’ through winter with everyone happy, warm and easy to mobilise. I have never had any issues with the system. Radiant heat is amazing. All visitors to my home comment on my home’s warmth through winter - I cannot recommend Phil and Euroheat highly enough. Phil worked hard, was great to have about my home through the installation process and was a phone call away to remind me how to turn things on again the following winter.” - E. Eggleston, Cottesloe

Can you get radiators for your house too?

Radiators are suitable for existing homes, brand new homes, older homes, renovations, and even commercial buildings (yoga studios, restaurants, offices). They can be installed in stages (some rooms now, more later). You can select from a range of styles to complement your house: modern, character, industrial, etc. And you don’t have to move out during installation – the process is very clean and unobtrusive.

Can I treat myself to a warm home too?

Radiator heating is superbly economical, costing as little as $0.37 per hour to heat an entire 3-bedroom house (depending on energy source and house type). The system can range from $12,500 using a gas boiler as the heat source, or from $33,600 using a heat pump as the heat source, dependent on the size of your home and the number of radiators you would like.

How much construction work is involved?

It will take 4 days to install, but you won’t even notice. There is no construction mess. All your furniture will be exactly where it was. There won’t be any marks on the walls, or mess to clean up. And you’ll only be left with a comfortable home and a direct mobile number to a friendly Euroheat technician should you have any questions or need any help.

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