OPTION 1 – Basic Energy Efficiency and HVAC consultation for your new home

If you’ve read and watched all of our free online hydronic heating tips and advice, and would like to further understand your hydronic heating/cooling options and how to guarantee that your building will be energy efficient and comfortable, we offer an expert consultation.

This basic consultation consists of:

• a discussion of your needs and what you’re trying to achieve with your build.
• a brief analysis of your building plans, understanding how passive your design is, understanding whether your thermal insulation is sufficient, and talking about your building materials and glazing.
• explanation of the various heating/cooling options, including the pros and cons of each.
• explanation of initial costs (investment) and running costs (energy bills).
• a recommendation of the best course of action.
• a plan for achieving lowest running costs in your building.

The upfront fee for this is $1,267 for a 120-minute in person consultation (Perth Metro), or $567 for 90-minute over the phone/video call. Should you decide in the following six months to have a heating/cooling system installed by Euroheat, this fee will be credited towards the cost.

To book the expert consultation, please make an order here. In the order notes, specify two or three alternative dates/times for the consultation and we will confirm a time that is mutually available within 48 hours. Or write these to us at info@euroheat.com.au or 08 6468 8895

OPTION 2 – Comprehensive energy efficiency analysis and calculations of your new home

If you’re looking to make your new home truly energy efficient (while avoiding the gimmicks), and you’d like to understand how best to do this (with detailed scientific analysis conducted by our engineers and architect on your specific building design) we’d love to help.

The biggest mistake made by most people building new homes is that they choose a few products which are sold as the ultimate solution to energy efficiency (e.g. double glazing). But the house (made from many parts) is only as energy efficient as the weakest component - so you may have double glazing which is great – but if your thermal insulation (or any other part of the house design/construction) is weak, then the extra money spent on the double glazing could be a total waste.

To help ensure every element of your building design will work in harmony and together, we offer an in-depth engineering and consultation service.

This complete service consists of:

- Comprehensive analysis of your building concept plans (required at concept design phase – not after detailed design – otherwise it is too late to make changes).

- Recommendations on your:

  • roof design
  • thermal insulation
  • windows/glazing types
  • shading of openings
  • orientation of the building for solar passive design
  • natural ventilation of habitable spaces
  • ventilation of building components
  • thermal mass accommodation in the building
  • building materials
  • building jacket design
  • optimising for your building location micro-climate
  • prevailing wind use and/or screening

- Detail drawings showing how to avoid thermal bridges in your build, and how best to install thermal insulation.

- Conduct comprehensive software modelling. We run thousands of simulations to understand how your building will interact with the local environment/climate. From the resulting data output we can understand how best to improve individual aspects of your design and construction.

- Calculation of your exact heating and cooling loads during the year (to allow exact sizing of your HVAC equipment).

This service includes a meeting at the start of the process and again at the end (preferably with your architect and/or builder in attendance), thermal calculations and software modelling results, detailed drawings, and a summary report.

This service is valued at $5,857, and can be booked here and then by getting in touch with us through info@euroheat.com.au or 08 6468 8895. This service is best suited for residential buildings that are less than 500m2 in floor space.

For larger homes with floor space greater than 500m2, please allow for an additional fee of $2,355.

OPTION 3 (BUSINESS) – How to reduce the energy consumption (and bills) for your production, manufacturing, food, or agricultural BUSINESS

Large energy bills plague businesses that consume a large quantities of heat and chill energy (or large volumes of hot water). Not only is any reduction in these costs result in extra profit in your pocket at the end of each month, but it also reduces your businesses impact on the environment.

It is generally possible to save from 20% (and up to 50%) on your monthly energy bills. Euroheat provides an auditing and consulting service to help you achieve this by conducting a detailed analysis of the processes which consume the energy in your business, followed by calculations revealing how the consumption for each particular process can be optimised and reduced. Finally, a detailed report (and construction/implementation proposal) on how to best implement the money saving changes is provided.

Businesses with energy bills greater than $50,000 per year are most suited. The service begins at $4,957 +GST, but requires an initial meeting to establish whether it is possible to achieve substantial savings within your business.

Book your energy audit here or write to us info@euroheat.com.au or 08 6468 8895 to arrange a meeting.

OPTION X (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) – Expert hydronic HVAC design for your new home

If you’re after a hydronic HVAC system that is guaranteed to not only keep your house comfortable all year, but also keep your running costs as low as possible, Euroheat offers an expert hydronic HVAC design service.

Our in-house engineers have been designing hydronic HVAC systems in Western Australia for 30+ years (since 1992), and bring a wealth of European know-how to guarantee the success of your heating and cooling system design.

The expert engineering design service includes:

Design and specification of the heating/cooling applications for your rooms:

- Radiant surface heating/cooling:

  • Floor, wall, ceiling heating/cooling.
  • Loop layout designs.
  • Insulated floating floors.
  • Insulated wall and ceiling radiant systems.
  • Concrete core tempering.
  • Radiator panel heating.

- Air-conditioning:

  • Hydronic fan coil units (in-ceiling ducted, bulkhead style, or on-wall).
  • Air displacement air-conditioning.

- Design and specification of the energy distribution:

- Hydronic piping, pipe insulation and distribution controls.

- Design and specification of the energy source:

  • Geothermal heat pump.
  • Gas boiler (heating only).
  • Air source heat pump.
  • Water source heat pump
  • Thermal energy storage.
  • Plant room design.

- Integration of additional building services into the one hydronic heating/cooling system:

  • Tap hot water production and distribution.
  • Pool heating.
  • Ventilation (natural and mechanical).
  • Solar PV production and monitoring.
  • Integration of waste energy recovery, which captures any potential waste energy and reuses or stores it where possible.

Control systems:

  • Simple control systems allowing for good energy efficiency and indoor comfort.
  • Sophisticated and smart control systems which monitor all input data available (temperatures, humidity, energy consumption, energy production), and automatically decide how to maximise energy efficiency, store and utilise excess energy, and control all aspects of energy production and the indoor climate. These systems allow for peak energy efficiency and the lowest running costs.

- Comprehensive drawings, plans, schematics and details of all of the above.

This service includes an in-person meeting at the start of the process and again at the end (preferably with your architect and/or builder in attendance), specifications, detailed drawings, schematics and plans.

This option is no longer available online: Euroheat offers only Design + Construct services. We do not provide engineering/designs to unapproved partners.