Floor heating with lowest running cost? If you follow these three steps...

If you are thinking of installing floor heating into your house, the following three steps will guarantee there won't be any surprises. Floor heating systems are efficient and economical, saving you money... but only if designed and installed properly. Here's what you should watch out for and require from your floor heating designer and installer:

1. Watch these short tips to prevent the most common mistakes


The floor heating mistake that sends energy cost into the thousands (and remedy)


The biggest mistake of floor heating slabs


The biggest mistake of floor heating suspended slabs


The only way a floor heating designer can guarantee you don´t pay too much


Before you start building: The right way to insulate your block for floor heating


How much you overpay for incompetent floor heating design

2. Read the special guide "5 common mistakes that will make your floor heating system useless and impossible to repair"

It will explain the five most common mistakes made with hydronic floor heating systems and, most crucially, how to avoid them. Because once it´s installed, there is virtually no way to fix mistakes done at the beginning…

Choose Euroheat Australia for its 28 year experience

"Phil of Euroheat designed and installed hydronic heating into my home four winters ago. It is the best money I have ever spent!! My ‘house’ has become a ’home’ through winter with everyone happy, warm and easy to mobilise. I have never had any issues with the system. Phil worked hard, was great to have about my home through the installation process and was a phone call away to remind me how to turn things on again the following winter. Radiant heat is amazing. All visitors to my home comment on my home’s warmth through winter - I cannot recommend Phil and Euroheat highly enough." Emma Eggleston

"Euroheat Australia installed the in-floor heating at our house in 2015. The heating system has been very effective, comfortable, economical and definitely well worth the cost. We had only one problem at the time of installation whereby a tradesman (not from Euroheat) had accidentally punctured one of the heating pipes. This allowed silt to enter the water heating system. Phil became aware of this immediately and rectified the problem quickly. However, what impressed us most, was that Phil returned to visit our house on several occasions on his own calling in the first year to insure the system was working efficiently and to our satisfaction. We recommend Phil at Euroheat and would have no hesitation in using his service again if the opportunity arises in the future." Ann and Luigi D’Orsogna

"The ground source heating you installed in our home in the south west was different from the one you designed and installed in Fremantle but it has been a very efficient and effective system and once again you always responded to queries when we had them. It is always a pleasure when we have visitors in winter down south ( and as you know it can get pretty cold down where we are! ) to bring them into the house which has no visible signs of heating, no fires, slow combustion stoves etc, and explain how it is that they have walked into a house which is uniformly beautifully warm! And now, (third time) we have just finished building in White Gum Valley and once again we have hydronic heating in the slab thanks to you guys. Reasonable cost, no hassles and always available for consultation and queries. Phil we have had nothing but the fullest satisfaction all the way through the process - both the final product and your support throughout." Michael and Karen Keely

"We recently had a central heating system installed by Euroheat on the recommendation of a friend who said it was the best thing that she had ever done, we can only agree with her. Dealing with Phil has been simple, straight-forward and professional from the outset, from the thorough initial assessment, to the smooth 3 day installation of high quality European radiators, setting up the thermostat and prompt response to any queries. We are delighted with our heating system, for the first time in Perth, we’ve had a warm house without needing to use heaters in every bedroom or reverse cycle air conditioning, on a cold day it’s great to wake up in a warm house. During the summer the system ticks over until you need it again in the autumn." Nuki Martin - Mosman Park