Half-price hot water forever, installed in just one day

Has your current hot water system given up on you? Or you energy bill too high? If so, a heat pump hot water systems can save you up to 50% on your water heating costs. And you can have it installed in just one day.

How can you get cheaper hot water?

To get you cheaper hot water, we'll replace your old hot water unit with a “hot water heat pump”. This is a machine the size of a large suitcase or a duffel bag. We'll stand it into an inconspicuous corner of your property. Connect the existing hot water pipes to it. And the same evening, you will have the same hot water you are used to.

Why will it give you half price hot water forever?

An air-based heat pump that we recommend draws heat from the outside air. And this means that as long as the temperature outside is anywhere above zero, the machine can “suck out” the warmth from the air. It then uses a compressor to turn a bit of warmth into a lot of warmth to heat the water in the tank. And when you turn your tap on, you instantly shower, wash or cook with the same temperature water you are used to now. The only place you will notice your hot water is different will be lower energy bills.

Does it work in winter, when the surrounding air is cold?

Yes… because it can suck warmth from even cold air. If it´s above zero degrees outside, there is always some warmth in the air. The heat pump collects these remaining bits of warmth, compresses them and turns them into “standard warmth” hot water. Instantaneously.

A heat pump is therefore a “collector” of warmth from the air. And you can imagine it working the same way a dehumidifier works: There is some humidity (water) in all of the air around us. And when you turn on a dehumidifier, you will see it filling up with water… o, you will have a full bucket, no matter if it is hot, cold, humid or dry outside… it just draws it out of the air. And similarly, the heat pump draws the warmth form the air in a similar way.

Scientifically: An air-based hot water heat pump uses a heat exchange system to transfer heat from the surrounding air to the water in the storage tank. Even when the air temperature is low, there is still some heat energy present, which the heat pump can absorb and use to heat the water. The heat pump works much like a refrigerator in reverse, compressing the refrigerant in the evaporator to generate heat, and then transferring that heat to the water storage tank. The compressor and refrigerant combination allow the heat pump to extract heat energy even in cold conditions, making it a highly efficient solution for year-round hot water production.

Why get a hot water heat pump?

  • Saves money on energy costs
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a traditional water heating system
  • Effective even in lower temperatures
  • No need for solar panels, inverters, or batteries
  • One day installation and connection to your hot water plumbing

Will there be any construction or damage done to my house?

None at all. The heat pump connects to your existing hot water plumbing. And in just one day, we'll:

  1. Remove your old heating unit and dispose of it.
  2. Professionally install your new hot water heat pump.
  3. Connect the pipes from the heat pump to the existing hot water plumbing and the pump to electricity (for the compressor in it to work).
  4. You will be able to draw hot water at the temperature you are used to the same evening.
  5. Nothing else needs to be done, changed or altered: From now, you will just get the half-price hot water… forever.

How can a heat pump be cheaper to run than other hot water systems?

How water from the heat pump is cheaper, because it doesn´t heat it using gas or electricity, but draws the warmth from the outside air (and the pump then uses a compressor to turn the collected “little” warmth into truly hot water). Additionally, it requires no solar panels, inverters, or batteries, making it a convenient and cost-effective option.

How to get a hot water heat pump for your home in just one day?

Call us at Euroheat on 08 6468 8895 (we´re in Perth, Western Australia)

We'll find a time for you in our schedule (we have been installing hot water and energy efficient systems 30 years in Perth now)

On the day, we'll arrive at the agreed on hour, remove your old heating unit, install your new heat pump... and leave you the same day with a hot water system that will give forever give you hot water at half price.

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