Don’t want to end up embarrassed with an upset client who paid for an “efficient” heating/cooling system that now costs a small fortune to run?

We both know it´s easy to do the standard heat load calculations. Throw in air-conditioning. Floor heating.  And some sexy phone-controlled “automated” remote controls.

But we both also know that while the result looks good and professional, the truth is that these separate systems are wasteful:

While each system might be automated, they work separately. As a result, the excess cool/heat flies out of the windows. And because the individual systems don’t really talk to each other, they work like separate cooks who keep only to themselves: Each creates a tasty individual dish. But the restaurant pays for and throws away a lot of unused ingredients…  that could have been shared.

Standing in front of a client who wanted a truly ecological and efficient system (but ends up with a bunch of units, pipes and controls that cost him more to run than expected), can be embarrassing.

And that’s exactly what we will make sure never happens to you:

As engineers specialised in sophisticated and cooling and heating systems, we don’t just calculate a building’s energy gains/losses.

We don’t just do ventilation.
We don’t just do hydronic floor systems.
We don’t just do aircon.
We don’t just open/close windows or blinds.
Or just cool cellars. Or just heat pools.

Instead, we will help you optimise the building design to reduce the required energy in the first place.

We will then design every millimetre of the system, install it and continually monitor & optimise it. (The system completely integrates natural ventilation, floor heating/cooling, aircon heating/cooling, pool heating, cellar cooling, tap hot water.)

And we will make sure it all works together seamlessly, so that the occupants are comfortable all year round without having to do anything… and happy with the bills as well as the eco-footprint.

I would like to say that clients marvel about the natural and non-artificial feel of the climate in their houses, but they don’t:

They find the warm feeling in winter and cool in summer so natural (without rapid spikes of temperature or being blown hot/cold air at them from vents) that they don´t notice they have a system doing this at all

… and I suppose that is the ultimate compliment and sign of user happiness.

If you’d like to create a similar climate in your buildings, perhaps we should meet in your office, for a quick, 15 minute chat. Over your current projects. And over ideas on how to make them more energy efficient.

I promise no salesy pitching, just info on physics, energy flows, thermal efficiencies and how to use it all in seamlessly heating/cooling your houses

Phil Pacak
Efficiency Engineer
Ph. 08 6468 8895

P.S. And even before we meet, here´s our 17-step guide (free download) on “How to ensure your clients will love their new hydronic heating and cooling system… forever” (click on image for free download, PDF)…


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