Underfloor heating has been around for centuries, and it’s still a popular home heating option today. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at the history of underfloor heating from the Neoglacial era through to present day, including the benefits of installing it in your own home.

The earliest known use of underfloor heating dates back to around 5000 BC during the Neoglacial period, when ancient civilizations in Scandinavia used heated stones or river rocks beneath their floors to keep warm. This primitive form of underfloor heating was used by other cultures throughout Europe and Asia too, with some areas even using hot water as an alternative.

The concept of underfloor heating remained largely unchanged until the 19th century, when advances in technology made it possible to install hot water pipes beneath floors. This development led to a huge surge in the popularity of underfloor heating systems, with many countries across Europe and North America installing them in both residential and commercial buildings.

Underfloor heating is still a popular choice today due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By circulating heated water through pipes beneath your flooring, you can enjoy comfortable temperatures throughout your home without wasting energy on heaters or air conditioners. This can save you money on energy bills by reducing energy costs by up to 40%. The installation process is relatively straightforward too – it simply requires you to lay down pipes within your flooring before connecting them up to your central boiler system or heat pump.

If you want to install an underfloor heating system in your home but don’t know where to start, Euroheat Australia is here to help! Our team has over 30 years’ experience designing and constructing hydronic heating and cooling systems for homes across Perth and beyond. We’ll work with you every step of the way – from designing a system that meets your needs right through to installation – so that you can enjoy all the benefits of an efficient underfloor heating system without any hassle!

In conclusion, underfloor heating has come a long way since its humble beginnings during the Neoglacial period – making it one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of keeping your home warm throughout winter. With Euroheat Australia’s help, you can be confident that your new system will be installed quickly and safely so that you can start enjoying its benefits right away!

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