If you’re a homeowner in Australia looking to install wine refrigeration units and cellar cooling systems, then it’s worth considering using waste chill in conjunction with your unit. This system can provide superior temperature control and energy savings, allowing you to create the perfect environment for storing wine.

Waste chill is a process of capturing the energy that would otherwise be lost when cooling air or water. Cooling systems have to work harder when the outside temperature is warm, as they must use more energy to cool the air or water down to the desired temperature. By capturing this energy and reusing it, waste chill systems allow cooling systems to work more efficiently and save energy.

This type of system can be used with wine refrigeration units, as they are designed to keep the temperature of a cellar at an optimal level for storing wine. By using waste chill in conjunction with a refrigeration unit, you can maintain this ideal temperature while saving energy – meaning that your cellar will not only be perfect for storing wine but also cost effective too.

But how exactly does waste chill work? In essence, it works by capturing the energy created by cooling air or water and reusing it later on when temperatures rise again. The process involves heat exchangers which transfer heat from one source (such as hot exhaust gases) to another source (a liquid such as glycol). This liquid is then used in conjunction with a refrigeration unit to cool down the cellar, while at the same time providing additional heating capacity when needed.

The benefits of using waste chill with a wine refrigeration unit are numerous. For example, you will save substantially on your electricity bills due to reduced running costs – this could be anywhere between 10-30% depending on how efficient your system is set up to be. You will also benefit from improved temperature control thanks to having two separate sources of cooling power – one from your refrigeration unit and one from your waste heat exchange system – so that temperatures remain constant regardless of outside conditions. Finally, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your cellar is being cooled efficiently and cost-effectively all year round.

If you’re looking for someone experienced in installing these types of systems, then Euroheat Australia should be your go-to choice! With over 30 years experience designing and constructing hydronic heating & cooling systems across Perth (and beyond!), Euroheat Australia are an experienced team who can help get you set up with an efficient waste chill system quickly and easily – ensuring optimal performance for years to come!

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