Can I Use My Solar Hot Water System with Heat and Chill Recovery to Heat My Pool?

If you’re looking for an energy efficient way to heat your pool, you may have already considered a solar hot water system. It’s a great way to reduce energy costs, but did you know that you can take it one step further and use a heat and chill recovery system? This innovative technology gives you the benefit of using solar power to heat your pool at minimal cost.

Heat and chill recovery systems are designed to capture the thermal energy created by your solar hot water system. The system captures the excess heat generated during the day when your pool is not being used, then stores it in an insulated container (called a thermal store). The stored thermal energy can then be used during the night when your pool needs heating. As well as capturing excess heat, the system also recycles cold air from within your home that would otherwise be wasted. This helps to keep electricity bills down while still providing effective heating for your pool.

So how much money can you save by installing a heat and chill recovery system? Well, with an average sized pool (about 50m²) and depending on how much sun you get in summer, you could save around $600-700 per year on energy bills if you install this type of system. That’s not bad at all!

Of course, when it comes to installing such a system, it pays to get some expert help. Euroheat Australia has been designing and constructing hydronic heating & cooling systems for over 30 years. Their team of engineers and installers are specialists in this field, so they can design a customised solution that will meet all your needs. Plus they offer great aftercare service too!

Ultimately, if you want an energy efficient way to heat your swimming pool then installing a heat and chill recovery system is definitely worth considering. Not only will it save you money on electricity bills but it will also help protect our environment by utilising renewable sources of energy like solar power rather than relying on fossil fuels. So why not talk to Euroheat Australia today about designing a solution that works best for you?

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