If you’re looking to make the most of your solar hot water system during cloudy days, then you should consider adding heat and chill recovery. This system is designed to capture the warmth of the sun during sunny days, store it in a thermal store, and use it on days when there’s less sunshine.

The main benefit of installing a heat and chill recovery system is that it can provide an efficient way to maximise your solar hot water system’s performance even on cloudy days. When correctly installed, this type of system can provide up to 40-50% energy savings compared to a traditional solar hot water system. It works by capturing the warmth from the sun on sunny days and storing it in a thermal store for use on days with less sunshine. The heat stored in the thermal store can then be used to supplement the solar energy from your solar hot water system. This means that even on those cloudy days, your solar hot water system can still be working efficiently and you’ll be able to save money in energy costs.

When considering installing a heat and chill recovery system for your home, it’s important to make sure you get professional advice from experienced engineers & installers like Euroheat Australia. With over 30 years of experience in hydronic heating & cooling systems design & construction, Euroheat Australia are perfectly placed to ensure you get the best advice and highest quality installation for your home.

In addition to providing cost savings through improved efficiency, there are other benefits associated with using a heat and chill recovery system. For example, they are designed with safety features such as temperature sensors that ensure that temperatures remain within safe limits even when there is no sunshine available. Also, they help reduce carbon emissions as they require no burning of fossil fuels which helps reduce pollution levels in our environment.

When calculating how much you could save by installing a heat and chill recovery system for your home, it’s important to take into account all factors such as installation costs, running costs and any potential maintenance costs that may arise over time. Typically speaking though, if installed correctly by an experienced engineer like those at Euroheat Australia, you should expect savings of around 40-50% or more over traditional solar hot water systems – making them an ideal solution for those looking for cost-effective ways to maximise their energy efficiency during cloudy days.

Overall then, if you’re looking for ways to make your solar hot water more efficient during cloudy days then installing a heat and chill recovery system is an excellent choice – not only will it provide significant cost savings but also help reduce carbon emissions in our environment too!

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