If you’re looking for ways to heat your pool in winter without relying solely on electricity or gas, then using waste heat from your solar panels could be the answer. Solar energy is a great way to produce clean, renewable energy and by using the right system and design, you can capture this wasted heat and use it to keep your pool water warm all year round.

The main benefit of using waste heat from solar panels is that it’s an incredibly cost-effective way of heating your pool in winter. It’s estimated that you could save up to 70% on your swimming pool heating costs if you invest in a heat and chill recovery system, which will capture the excess heat produced by your solar panels and store it for later use.

Heat and chill recovery systems are designed to capture hot air from the roof into a storage tank, which can then be used to warm up the pool water during cold months. This means that not only can you take advantage of free solar energy to heat your pool, but you also won’t need any additional gas or electric heating systems either. This makes it much more efficient than traditional heating methods, as well as saving you money in the long run.

When it comes to installing a system like this, it’s important that you get professional help so that everything is installed correctly and safely. Euroheat Australia are Perth based engineers and installers who have been designing and constructing hydronic heating & cooling systems for over 30 years. They can help with design, installation and maintenance of these systems so that they are properly installed and working at their peak efficiency. The benefit of using Euroheat Australia is that they understand how this type of system works, meaning they can accurately calculate how much energy will be saved by installing one of these systems – so you can make sure you get the best return on investment over time.

Another advantage of investing in a quality heat & chill recovery system is that it requires very little maintenance once installed – usually just an annual check-up – meaning that most homeowners don’t need to worry about any additional running costs after set up has been completed.

So if you want an efficient way to keep your pool warm during winter without spending too much money on expensive gas or electric heating systems then investing in a quality heat & chill recovery system could be the answer for you – not only will it save money but it could also reduce your carbon footprint too! Euroheat Australia have decades of experience designing and constructing these types of hydronic heating & cooling systems – so why not give them a call today?

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