If you are looking for a solar hot water system with heat and chill recovery for your Australian home, you want to be sure that you choose the right one. Not only does it need to be suitable for your climate, but it also needs to provide long-term value for money.

First and foremost, consider the climate in your area. In Australia, the sunnier states such as New South Wales and Victoria have more reliable sunshine levels, meaning that solar power is more efficient than in shadier states such as Tasmania or Western Australia. You should therefore choose a system that is best suited to your local climate conditions.

Once you have identified the right system, it is worth considering the benefits of installing a heat and chill recovery system. Heat recovery systems are designed to capture excess heat generated by the solar panels and store it in an insulated tank. This can then be used to pre-heat water before it enters the hot water cylinder, reducing energy usage and saving money on bills over time. Similarly, chill recovery systems capture cold air from outside and use it to cool down your home in summer months. By using this cooler air instead of electricity or gas powered heating systems, you can reduce energy costs even further.

If all of this sounds a bit complicated then don’t worry; there are plenty of companies out there who specialise in designing and installing these kinds of systems for Australian homes. Euroheat Australia is one such company with over 30 years’ experience in hydronic heating and cooling systems. They offer comprehensive design services as well as installation packages which cover all aspects of the process from start to finish; so whether you’re looking for help with selecting the right system or require more detailed advice on installation costs or energy savings estimates, they can help you out every step of the way.

In terms of energy savings estimates, Euroheat Australia can provide calculations which show how much money you could save over time when compared with traditional heating methods such as electric or gas powered heating systems. As an example, if you install a heat recovery system which covers a 75m2 area (typical size of an Australian home) then you could expect energy savings up to $200 per year when compared with using an electric heater*. Similarly if you go for a chill recovery system then yearly savings could reach up to $400** depending on how much air conditioning is currently being used.

Ultimately when choosing a solar hot water system with heat and chill recovery for your Australian home there are many factors to consider; from location specific climate conditions through to cost saving benefits over time. But by doing some research into what kind of system would best suit your needs and budget, as well as using professional design & installation services such as those offered by Euroheat Australia, then you should be able to find just what you need for long-term value for money in terms of both comfort & cost savings!

*Based on average electricity prices in Australia & medium usage rate (7kWh/day)
**Based on average electricity prices & high usage rate (10kWh/day)

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