When it comes to hot water systems, most homeowners are familiar with the traditional storage tank setup. But, more and more people are turning to waste heat hot water systems as an energy efficient alternative. While they both offer hot water on demand, there are some key differences between them that you should consider when deciding which one is right for your home.

First of all, a waste heat hot water system uses heat from other sources of energy to heat the water in your tank or cylinder. This means that it doesn’t require any additional energy input, making it much more efficient than a storage system. For example, a boiler can be used to transfer heat from the exhaust gases of a furnace or other source of fuel and use it to heat the water in the tank. In this way, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 60%!

Additionally, a waste heat hot water system is much safer than a storage tank. Since there is no risk of over-heating or pressure build-up, there is no need for expensive safety measures such as expansion tanks or pressure relief valves. This makes them much cheaper and easier to install and maintain than their storage counterparts.

Finally, if you want to save even more money on your energy bills, consider installing a Heat and Chill Recovery System (HCR). HCR systems use the excess heat generated from air conditioners and other cooling units in order to preheat your hot water before it enters the tank or cylinder – further reducing your energy consumption! And since warm air contains more moisture than cold air does, an HCR system can also help reduce humidity levels in your home by removing moisture from the air before it enters the tank.

When it comes to installation and design services for HCR systems and other hydronic heating & cooling solutions, Euroheat Australia has been providing quality service for over 30 years. The experienced engineers & installers at Euroheat specialise in designing & constructing hydronic heating & cooling systems tailored to suit each customer’s needs – ensuring every installation maximises efficiency while saving on costs!

So if you’re looking for an efficient hot water solution that will save you money on your energy bills while being safe and easy to maintain – a waste heat hot water system combined with an HCR system may be just what you’re looking for! With Euroheat Australia’s 30+ years of experience in designing & constructing hydronic heating & cooling solutions – you can trust that their knowledgeable team will design & construct an efficient solution tailored specifically for your home – giving you peace of mind that you’ve made a wise investment for years of comfortable living!

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