When it comes to hot water systems, the noise level should be an important factor to consider. A waste heat hot water system is the most efficient and cost-effective option available. But how does its noise level compare to other types of hot water systems?

Generally speaking, waste heat hot water systems are quieter than other types of hot water systems. This is because they use a heat exchanger to transfer thermal energy from one source to another, meaning that there is no need for a combustion process or fan motor to generate heat. The only noise you may hear is a slight humming sound when the pump runs.

The efficiency of waste heat hot water systems can be further improved by installing a heat and chill recovery system. This system captures the heat generated by the boiler, which would otherwise be lost in the atmosphere, and uses it to preheat incoming cold water going into the tank. This greatly reduces energy consumption and helps save money on utility bills. It also increases the efficiency of the boiler as it does not have to work as hard as before, reducing its operating costs too.

To calculate how much money you can save with this kind of system, you need to consider two factors: your current energy usage and your estimated savings from installing this system. For example, if your current average energy usage is around 20kWh per day, then installing a waste heat hot water system with a chill recovery unit will likely reduce your bill by around 10%. That’s an estimated saving of around 2kWh per day – or $3-5 per day depending on your current electricity tariff rate! Not bad!

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