If you’re a business owner in Australia looking for ways to reduce your cooling bills, then you should know that combining HVAC and floor heating can be an effective solution. This type of setup allows you to save money on cooling bills while still keeping your space comfortable.

The benefits of combining HVAC and floor heating are numerous. First, it reduces the workload on your existing air conditioning system. By using a combination of HVAC and floor heating, you can take some of the stress off your AC unit and reduce the amount of energy it consumes. This means that you’ll get more cooling power out of your AC system without having to increase its power consumption.

Second, combining HVAC and floor heating also helps improve indoor air quality. Floor heating helps circulate warm air throughout a space, which can help reduce the number of airborne pollutants that can accumulate in an enclosed area. This improved air quality can help keep employees healthy and productive while reducing your overall cooling costs.

Finally, combining HVAC and floor heating can also help reduce the cost of maintenance for both systems. By having both systems in place, you won’t have to pay for separate maintenance costs for each system since they’ll both be working together to keep your space cool.

If you’re looking to combine HVAC and floor heating in order to save money on cooling bills, then Euroheat Australia is here to help. As Perth engineers & installers with 30 years of experience designing & constructing hydronic heating & cooling systems, they offer design & installation services that can make sure the setup is done correctly from start to finish. They also provide ongoing maintenance services so that everything remains working smoothly throughout its lifespan.

Overall, combining HVAC and floor heating is an effective way for Australian business owners to save money on cooling bills while still keeping their spaces comfortable year-round. If you’re looking for experienced engineers & installers who specialize in designing hydronic systems, then get in touch with Euroheat Australia today!

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