Ice rinks and skating rinks are businesses that require a lot of energy consumption to keep running. From the chillers that keep the ice frozen, to the compressors that power the ice cleaning machines, these facilities use a lot of energy. However, there is a way they can reduce their workload and save money on energy – floor heating.

Floor heating systems use hydronic technology to provide comfortable temperatures for users of the rink, while saving energy at the same time. Unlike traditional heating systems, which can be inefficient and expensive to run, hydronic systems circulate heated water through pipes embedded in a concrete slab or other substrate material beneath the floor surface. This ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the space, reducing wasted energy and providing a more comfortable environment for skaters.

The other major benefit of floor heating is its ability to reduce workload. In traditional ice rinks, maintenance staff are required to regularly scrape surface ice off the rink using large machines and tools. This can be time consuming and labour intensive, especially if there are multiple rinks in operation at once. With floor heating systems however, this process is almost unnecessary as the heat from below helps to melt any surface ice quickly and easily without any additional effort from staff. This reduces not only labour costs but also wear-and-tear on equipment which further contributes to savings in both time and money for your business.

When it comes to installation and design of floor heating systems for your business’s ice rink or skating rink, Euroheat Australia is your go-to place. They have been designing and constructing hydronic heating & cooling systems for over 30 years! Their experienced team of engineers will design a system tailored specifically to meet your needs while providing expert advice on how best you can save money on energy costs in the long run. With Euroheat Australia’s help you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of comfort & energy savings with ease!

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