Underfloor heating is fast becoming the go-to choice for Australian homes, as it can provide a comfortable, energy efficient way of heating your home. With underfloor heating, you’ll never have to worry about cold feet again!

As with any electrical system, underfloor heating must be fitted with appropriate circuit breakers to ensure safety and protect against any electrical surge. But what are the different types of circuit breakers available for Australian homes?

Firstly, there are RCDs (residual current devices). RCDs monitor the flow of electricity through your circuit and when they detect a change in flow that could potentially cause a shock or fire hazard, they will cut off the power. This is essential for protecting people from electrocution but can unfortunately be triggered too easily due to faulty wiring. It’s important you have an experienced electrician install your RCDs as incorrect installation can cause them to fail or be triggered unnecessarily.

Another type of circuit breaker used in underfloor heating systems is MCBs (miniature circuit breakers). These are designed to protect against an overload on the system and will switch off automatically if there is too much current running through it. They are relatively easy to install and can be bought from most hardware stores.

Finally, there are ELCBs (Earth leakage Circuit Breakers). These are more complex than other types of circuit breakers as they detect small differences between the live and neutral circuits. This means they are able to detect when electricity is leaking out of the system which could lead to a shock or fire hazard if left unchecked. Again, these should always be installed by an experienced electrician and tested regularly for safety reasons.

Having the right types of circuit breakers installed in your home’s underfloor heating system will not only keep you safe but also reduce workload and save money in the long run. Designing and installing an effective hydronic heating & cooling system requires expertise and experience – something Euroheat Australia has in spades! With over 30 years of experience designing & constructing hydronic systems throughout Australia, you can trust Euroheat Australia to provide high quality solutions that will reduce workload & save money while providing a comfortable home environment.

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