When it comes to pool heating, there are plenty of options available to Australian homeowners. Waste heat pool heating systems are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer energy efficiency and cost savings. But before you commit to any type of system, it is important to understand the warranty and guarantee options for your waste heat pool heating system.


Warranties for waste heat pool heating systems vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Generally speaking, warranties cover any parts or components that have been faulty due to manufacturing or design defects. Warranties generally do not cover issues that arise from improper installation or use, so it is important to find a qualified installer who can ensure your system is installed correctly. The length of the warranty also varies depending on the manufacturer, but most warranties last one to five years.


A guarantee is different from a warranty in that it covers any issues that arise due to improper installation or use of the system. This type of guarantee ensures that if there are any problems with your system due to incorrect installation or use, the installer will be responsible for covering the repair costs. Guarantees generally last up to two years and can be extended depending on the company’s policy.

Benefits of Heat & Chill Recovery System

Heat & chill recovery systems allow you to take advantage of energy efficiency and cost savings when running your waste heat pool heating system. By using these systems, you can recover wasted heat from other sources such as hot tubs, showers or spas and then use it for pool heating purposes – meaning you are not relying solely on your waste heat pool heating system for warmth and comfort. Heat & chill recovery systems also reduce energy consumption by up to 70%, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

Design & Installation Services
Euroheat Australia is an experienced engineering firm based in Perth which specialises in designing and constructing hydronic heating & cooling systems for commercial and residential properties across Australia. With over 30 years’ experience in this field, Euroheat Australia can help you design a tailor-made waste heat pool heating system perfect for your home – ensuring maximum efficiency and cost savings while providing reliable comfort all year round! Their team offers professional advice on all aspects of hydronic design and installation – allowing you peace-of-mind when choosing them as your go-to supplier!

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