Yes, you can install underfloor heating and radiators in the same home! It’s a popular option for those looking to get the best of both worlds. Not only does it provide you with efficient heating that can save you money and energy, but it also adds a touch of luxury to your home.

The main benefit of installing both underfloor heating and radiators in your home is that you can use them together or separately, depending on your needs. For example, if you have a large living area where you like to relax on chilly winter days, having both underfloor heating and radiators ensures that all areas of the room are evenly heated. This means no more cold spots or drafts. On the other hand, if you have a smaller room that needs less heat than your larger living area, just turn off the radiator and use the underfloor heating instead. This way you can save energy (and money) by only using what is necessary.

Another great benefit of having both systems installed is cost savings. Underfloor heating is generally more energy efficient than traditional radiators as it takes less energy to heat up an area as compared to a radiator-heated room. This means that over time, your energy bills will be lower when using both systems together – particularly in colder climates where additional heating is required for comfortable temperatures.

Not only will this save you money in terms of energy bills but it could also save you money on installation costs too. The installation of both underfloor and radiator systems can be done at once, making the process more efficient overall and reducing labour costs associated with separate installations for each system.

If all this sounds complicated then don’t worry – there are experts out there who can help make it all easier for you. A company like Euroheat Australia can provide design and installation services for hydronic heating and cooling systems with 30 years of experience behind them – so why not take advantage? They’ll be able to give you tailored advice based on your individual needs whilst taking into account your budget too – so make sure to check them out!

All in all, installing both underfloor heating and radiators in the same home offers numerous benefits such as cost savings on energy bills over time as well as increased comfort levels due to even temperatures throughout rooms – plus with experienced installers like Euroheat Australia available to help out along the way, there’s no reason not to go ahead with this great option!

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