If you’re an Australian homeowner looking to save energy and cut down on your energy bills, then you may have considered installing a solar water heating system in your home. However, what if you want to take it one step further and add underfloor heating too? Can you do this? The answer is yes – with the right design and installation, it is possible to use underfloor heating with a solar water heating system in an Australian home.

The benefits of using underfloor heating are hard to ignore. Not only does it provide a comfortable heat, but it can also reduce energy bills by allowing you to heat your home more efficiently. It also reduces workload and save money by eliminating the need for radiators or other bulky forms of heating. Underfloor heating also helps to keep air quality better by circulating air more efficiently than traditional radiators and providing natural ventilation.

When using underfloor heating with a solar water heating system, the two are usually connected through a hydronic system which allows hot water from the solar panels to be circulated through pipes beneath the floor. This heats the floor surface evenly, creating a comfortable environment without any hot or cold spots. The added bonus is that energy costs are kept low as the hot water is free from the sun’s rays!

At Euroheat Australia, we specialise in designing and constructing hydronic systems for both residential and commercial properties across Perth. With over 30 years of experience in designing and installing hydronic systems, we can ensure that your underfloor heating works perfectly with your existing solar water heater, giving you maximum efficiency at minimal cost. We will also provide advice on how best to maintain your hydronic system so that it works as efficiently as possible for years to come.

So if you’re looking for an efficient way of keeping your home warm without spending too much money on energy bills then why not consider using underfloor heating with a solar water heater? It could be just what you need! Talk to us today at Euroheat Australia and let us help you create an efficient design that meets all of your requirements.

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