If you’re looking for ways to heat your pool without breaking the bank, then waste heat is worth considering. It’s a great way to save energy and money while still keeping your pool warm.

What is waste heat? Waste heat is energy that is produced by any kind of equipment, machine or process that isn’t put to use. This includes energy produced by air conditioners, furnaces, boilers and other equipment. Instead of this energy being wasted, it can be reused to heat your pool.

There are several different methods for using waste heat to heat your pool. The most common way is through a Heat and Chill Recovery System (HCR). This system harnesses the thermal energy from heated or cooled air and uses it to preheat or precool the water in your swimming pool. The HCR system can also be used to supplement an existing heating system, reducing the amount of time needed for your pool to reach its desired temperature and reducing the amount of energy used in the process.

Another way of using waste heat to heat your pool is by installing a Heat Pump System (HPS). This type of system works like an air conditioner but instead of cooling the air, it extracts the thermal energy from it and transfers it into the water in your pool. As a result, you get a very efficient way of heating up your swimming pool.

Finally, you can use solar thermal collectors to capture energy from the sun and transfer it into your swimming pool as well. Solar thermal collectors are panels that are placed on top of roofs or other areas where they can absorb sunlight which they then convert into usable thermal energy for heating pools.

The benefits of installing a Heat and Chill Recovery System (HCR) are numerous. Not only will you save money on heating bills but you’ll also reduce emissions as well as conserving valuable resources like water and electricity. Furthermore, because these systems don’t require any additional fuel sources like natural gas or propane they make for an environmentally friendly option too! Euroheat Australia have 30 years experience in designing & constructing hydronic heating & cooling systems so if you’re considering installing an HCR system then their design & installation services could be invaluable!

When you compare conventional methods such as gas-fired swimming pool heaters with HCR systems you’ll see some significant savings – typically around 25% – in terms of both energy consumption and cost per month on utilities bills! Even when taking into account installation costs there’s still likely to be a significant saving over time so if you’re looking for ways to keep your swimming pool warm without breaking the bank then waste heat should definitely be on top of your list!

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