Floor heating: Is it really that important which brand pipes/boiler/heat-pump are used… aren’t they all the same?

You know that when you have hydronic floor heating, you have pipes with water in them embedded within the floor on the ground level and perhaps the first floor too.

And since you have water running throughout the house in these pipes, the last thing you want is the pipes to leak out water onto the walls, furniture, documents, floor finishes, art, etc.

The pipes from almost all manufacturers are made from a similar type of quality plastic, and as such are not going to unexpectedly break and leak water all over your house.

But the weakest element of any piping system is any joins that may be required in the pipes.

And that’s why we choose the pipe manufacturer not on the quality of the pipe itself, but rather on the quality of the joins.

And since we have been doing this for almost 30 years, we know which manufacturers joins may potentially leak, and we also know which manufacturers that produce technically the best quality joints that are guaranteed to not leak, and that you can trust your house with – not for only for a few years, but for decades.

Yes, the heat pump or boiler is going to heat up your system water and pump it from one end of the house to the other, in really the same way that any car takes you from one place to another. Some cars are safer than others, some cars are quieter than others, some cars are more comfortable than others. And some cars are more reliable than others…

And generally, we know that all these factors are correlated: the car that is the least fuel efficient is also most likely to break down, is annoyingly loud, and might not always start up first go.

And from our decades of experience with hydronic systems, we know that the same applies to both heat pumps and boilers: If you choose the heat pump or boiler that has average or low efficiency, it’s going to be loud during operation, won’t start up reliably, and will have a short and unproductive lifespan.

For this reason, we choose to work with only the manufacturers that we know have truly energy efficient units, that are quiet during operation, and start up and work reliably every time they are switched on.


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